Swooping competitions

No sport would be complete without a competition for the best of that sport to show off their skills, and swooping is no exception. Just like any other sport, there are swooping competitions year-round in several different countries around the world. If you have been swooping for a while, and you want to see how well you compare, then you should look for a swooping competition in your area.

Swooping competitions are relatively new, and there are two different types. The first is just a swooping competition in which all of the sky divers are accomplished swoopers. The second type of competition takes place as part of a larger skydiving competition.

Skydiver landing on a high perofrmance canopy in a high speed swooping competition.
Skydiver landing in swooping competition

Even though swooping is a new sport in a lot of areas, and there are not always competitions in place wherever you go, the number of competitions worldwide is increasing. In fact, these competitions are doing a lot to add to the popularity of the sport – both among other skydivers and other people who are just looking for an extreme sport to watch.

Competitions for expert swoopers

Most swooping competitions are only for very expert swoopers. Since a lot of the different maneuvers that are required in the competition are difficult, none of these competitions are open to everybody. If you would like to compete in a swooping competition, then you’re going to have to qualify. You can qualify by showing through a few jumps that you have control over your canopy, and that you are able to accurately hit inside of a target area.

Swooping competitions also generally consist of several different rounds. This way, more than one skill is being tested through the competition. Also, in this way, the best overall swooper wins – and a single bad jump may average out in the end.

Before competing in swooping competitions, you may want to try competing in regular skydiving competitions for practice. Some of the skills that you will use in order to do well in these competitions should help you as a skydiver – and you will be able to get used to the stress of skydiving competitions before you find yourself getting ready to swoop competitively.