Swooping regulations

Swooping regulations will keep you safe when you swoop.

Swooping and skydiving can be the most dangerous sports if the people involved are not very careful with what they are doing. As a result, there are a lot of swooping regulations that need to be followed before you should attempt swooping. These regulations are almost always designed in order to keep people safe.

Man flyving over lake during swooping competition in Dubai.
Swooping competition

Considering how dangerous this sport is, it’s generally a good idea to make sure that you always follow the rules and regulations – ignoring them can be dangerous and even fatal.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The FAA is in charge of the largest set of regulations that applies to skydivers in the United States. While swooping is more specific than regular swooping, most of these regulations also apply to swoopers, or just anybody who is going to be using a parachute. These regulations are designed to keep you safe – and everybody else in the sky.

Not all of the FAA swooping and skydiving regulations have an effect on the people who are actually going to be skydiving, however. There are plenty of regulations that affect other groups of people. For instance, there are very specific regulations regarding what needs to be done in order to determine that a parachute is actually safe for use. Before you decide to go swooping or skydiving, you should make sure that the parachute you’re going to be using has been approved by the FAA.

Packing your parachute

Another thing to keep in mind is that before any skydiving jump, the parachutes need to be packed by somebody who knows what they are doing. Your pack must have a main parachute, and a reserve parachute, just in case. All reserve parachutes have to be packed by somebody who has been certified by the FAA.

Male skydiver packing a light blue parachute before jumping.
Skydiver packing a parachute

While you can pack your own main parachute, you also need to have somebody who is certified at least supervise you. The parachutes also all need to be packed within two or four months of the jump, depending on the type of material in the parachute.

By following the FAA swooping regulations, you can make sure that all your jumps are as safe as possible. Also, there are usually regulations at any drop zone that you decide to use. Always make sure that you follow any and all rules, since they are only there to keep you safe.

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