Who can learn to swoop?

What is the first thing that people generally say when they first come in contact with an extreme sport like swooping or skydiving? Usually, people say “oh, well, I couldn’t do that”. However, that is not necessarily the case. Some people who go swooping regularly are afraid of most “dangerous” sports, and some of them are even slightly afraid of heights.

Swooper with a canopy just over ground in a high speed landing.
Wanna learn to swoop?

Learn to swoop – Not for everybody

Of course, not everybody is going to go out tomorrow and start swooping. The people who generally get into swooping have already been skydiving for a long period of time. This is due to the high level of skill that is required before anybody can start learning how to swoop.

Other than that, of course, any sky diver might start swooping if he or she gets bored with the type of skydiving that they’re doing already. The only thing that can keep an experienced skydiver from learning how to swoop is if he or she doesn’t want to learn how. Therefore, if you are already experienced at skydiving, and you want to try another similar sport, then you may want to try swooping.

Male skydiver holding his parachute slings after landing. Standing on green lawn.
Skydiver after landing

When it comes to the type of people who generally try skydiving for the first time, the answer is almost anybody. Skydiving is a very popular sport, and a lot of people end up trying it at least once.

Jump in tandem

If you’re thinking that you’d like to try skydiving, but you don’t know if you want to go all the way and buy all of the expensive skydiving equipment, you should see about going on one or two jumps in tandem with an experienced skydiver. Most skydiving schools allow people to take jumps like this.

A male instructor with girl in the air in a tandem skydive jump.
Skydive tandem jump

Essentially, the people who eventually start swooping can be anybody who has any interest in the sport. If you are interested in swooping and already have some experience as a skydiver, then you can start learning how to swoop now.

If you don’t skydive, then you can learn how to swoop – you just need to pick up the necessary skills first. If you’re interested in either of these two sports, don’t tell yourself that you can’t. Almost anybody who wants to get involved in skydiving can!