Where can I watch swooping?

Just like any other extreme sport, there are a number of people who would like to watch swooping. Unlike a lot of other skydiving events, swooping is much easier to watch from the ground, and therefore will probably gain an even larger following in future years. The reason for this is that in some other skydiving events, a lot of the event also involves what is done during free fall. In swooping, the entire event more or less happens just a few feet above ground level.

A skydiver / swooper flying over a green field at high speed.
Swooping over field

Swooping events all over the world

Swooping events are starting up all over the world. Therefore, no matter where you live, there is probably a swooping competition in your world, or in your area. One thing to consider, however, is that since most swooping competitions involve swooping into a pond, they very likely will not occur during the winter months at all. In fact, most competitions in the United States take place between June and August.

Skydiver swooping into a pond / lake in the sunset.
Swoop into a pond/lake

Even though there are swooping events in most parts of the world now, the sport is most popular in the United States. Therefore, if you live in the United States, you’re much more likely to find a competition that takes place near you. However, if even if you can’t find a competition, it’s still possible to be able to find swooping to watch. For instance, most skydiving drop zones have regular skydivers who also swoop. By hanging out near the drop zone, it’s possible that you’ll be able to watch people swoop.

Swooping is a dangerous sport

One thing that you should keep in mind if you are going to watch swooping is that this can be a dangerous sport. While most people who skydive do fine and are not injured, severe injuries are still a possibility. Therefore, you should make sure that you are potentially ready to see somebody get hurt before you go to watch swooping.

Thin linear man with broken leg. White background.

Finally, if you are going to watch swooping in order to learn more about the techniques involved in the sport, then it is recommended that you learn about the sport first. If you already have some idea what the skydivers are going to be doing as they swoop, then you’ll probably learn more about the sport through watching it than you would otherwise.